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“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

― Yves Saint-Laurent


Just speculate what it is that form any piece of clothing “you” or “not you”?


Do you see dresses that you love in your friend’s wardrobe, but they lose their charm when you put them on?


We are not attracted to just the clothes others wear, but to the overall look one represents. However, we assume that it is the clothing that is making us drawn towards that other person. And we don’t get the same level of satisfaction when we try to replicate that look on us!


That there is your Style Personality!


Without understanding how you want to feel and what you want your clothes to “COMMUNICATE” to others, you are in risk of making very expensive clothing errors even if you know the best colors and shapes that flatter you.


This is the foundation of ALL styling and should be the first port of call when starting your Personal Styling Journey.


Fix this in the beginning itself and the rest will follow with ease – which will save you even more money in the long run.


So, what does having a UNIQUE style actually mean?


Well, it actually classifies the overall look you like to be dressed in and present to others.  That may sound like a no-brainer, but if you think about it – does each one of your outfits, convey a unvoiced and consistent message that tells others what you are like as a person?


Do remember, a first impression is made in just 3 seconds.


And that is non-verbal communication.  It’s only if others like or are attracted to what they see that we get “given the invitation” to inform more about ourselves.


For example – are you are really peculiar fun and friendly person?  Does your clothing say this to others?  It goes without saying that you of course still need to be appropriately dressed for your lifestyle and environment.  So, obviously, if you are in a corporate role, you need to be relatively formal for work – but that doesn’t mean for one moment that you can’t show your personality through the detail on your clothes, in your make-up, hairstyle and accessories.  It’s all about the “how” as well as the “what”.


Vice versa, if you are a very quiet shy person who is highly organized and doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd, are loud prints and bright colors really the way to do that?


If we know that our brains are wired to think differently in outfits we associate with accomplishments, why not harness the power of that inner confidence?


Not only does a well-fitting, well cut and perfectly suited outfit make you feel confident, comfortable and fantastic, but the perception of who we are and what we can achieve when wearing outfits we associate with power, success and confidence is altered.


Those who have UNIQUE PERSONAL STYLE always get noticed. You can look remarkable; despite how much you spend.


Do you see what I mean?  I will help you ascertain your true style personality, how to make it appropriate for your lifestyle and activities, and let you experience the surprise of what it truly feels like to dress like YOU!